Discover Oaxaca Multi-Day Trek

Riding past towering cacti

You don’t need to be an experienced rider to experience this multi-day trek through the stunning and ever-changing landscapes of the Tlacolula Valley.

El Valle de Tlacolula is one of the three Central Valleys of Oaxaca and its natural and cultural diversity is best explored on horseback. This timeless way of traveling will take you from village to village as you cross streams and meander along ancient trails through Oaxaca’s extensive communal lands. This 6 day trek will give you an in-dept view of the local traditions, flora and agricultural traditions as you pass by garlic fields, ride along country lanes lined with wild cane, encounter herds of cattle and goats and stop for a pick-nick under old nopal cacti.

On this consecutive ride you’ll arrive at a different location nearly every day where a freshly prepared lunch and cold drinks will be waiting for you. In the afternoon it’s time to relax or go an a self-guided excursion to local attractions such as the 16th century church in Tlacochahuaya, famous for its elaborate frescos or the workshops of local craftsmen.

This ride is conducted at a relaxed pace and suitable for fit people with no riding experience being required. Daily rides are approximately 4 hours long and and an introduction to the basics of horseback riding is given on the first day

Traditional adobe and native cacti are a feature of Rancho Pitaya

with continuing instruction on trail. We supply comfortable saddles and helmets.

7 days / 6 nights / 6 ride days /

Limited to 5 riders $2,240 U.S. per person. Min. of 2 riders

Inquire about alternative arrival dates.

Private rides for parties of 2 available with $200 per person surcharge . No extra charge for groups of 4 to 5

Note: add before or after this ride extra days of riding out from Rancho Pitaya with lodging and meals in double occupancy: $260 per person / $290 in single occupancy.

Ride Cancellation Policy Política de Cancelación

$200 single occupancy supplement

Agave plantation and endless back country.

DISCOUNT: Returning riders pay $100 U.S. less


  • Riding: Approx. 22 hours of riding. 
This is a slow paced ride.  Distance of approx 15 kms.(10 miles ) are covered on most days.
  • Guides: Guides fluent in English & Spanish.
  • Lodging: 7 nights accommodation.
  • Food: All meals and drinks.
  • Transfers: Arrival & departure from the ranch to airport or city hotel.
  • Horses: Arabian, Arabian crosses & Mexican Criollo horses. Ride fit, steady horses that love their job!
  • Tack: Mostly comfortable endurance saddles and some English

    Century-old farming methods still very much alive

  • Weight Limit: 220 lbs./ 100 kilos.
  • Not included: Massages, taxis for additional excursions and delayed flight arrival.
  • Notes: Feel free to inquire about alternative dates that suit your travel time.

    Patricia, local Zapotec weaver with her rug