Mixteca Villages and Vistas Ride

Ride through a rare cacti grove on the afternoon of day one.

The massive altiplano of the high Mixteca region of Oaxaca is a land of contracts. Ethereally austere plains are lined with crystalline streams. Ancient Bald Cypress trees, native palms used for sombrero weaving and dense oak forests hosting delicate orchids are among the flora that punctuate this bold land. On this progressive point-to-point equestrian tour ride: ancient routes where once the great railroad that connected Oaxaca to Mexico City laid, trails the traders of livestock and grain plied with mule trains, and of singular importance, the routes that connected the Dominican missions dating back to the late 16th century.  The wild and otherworldly high Mixtec plain was recently declared a UNESCO Geo-park  . Wonder at the terraced farmlands that concentrically climb hills to their tops.  This ride  oscillates between quiet dirt backcountry roads and narrow single-track trails and is suitable for fit, confident riders comfortable with posting a trot. The average distance covered is 34 kms. per day.

Barrel cactus of the high Mixteca plane.

Mixtec woman weaves sombreros from Soyal palms

Your experience begins at Rancho Pitaya. Just to be sure there’s a comfortable match between riders and their horses, head out on a sunset ride across the Rio Salado, through stands of wild cane and into the protected communal lands to get up-close with the rare Palmillo yucca trees. Breathtaking vistas abound and the immenseness and beauty of the valley of Tlacolula set the tone for the week to come.

Well-trodden trails criss-cross this region.

Sayal palms of the Altiplano

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Technical notes: The elevation of this ride is between 1,450 mt.  –  2,500 mt.

On departure day on day 8 no outbound flights should be booked before noon and not before 2 p.m. with guided visit to the mission convent.

Dates: 2018 / 2019

2018:  October 23-30 and November 14-21 SOLD OUT
2019: February 9-16 2 spaces left
  • Length of Ride: 8 days, 7 nights, 6 days of riding/ 1 non-ride day.
  • Group size: limited to 4 riders
  • Riding hours per day: 4-6 hours
  • Tack: Comfy Endurance and  English saddles with sheepskin pads. Shock absorbing padded stirrups.
  • Horses: Arabian endurance horses, Arabian crosses and Mexican Criollo breed
  • Pace: Relaxed moderate pace with a nice mix of walk, rising extended trot and canters. It is essential to be comfortable posting the trot.
  • Lodging: At Rancho Pitaya in spacious rooms with large patios. In  comfortable village-run ecotourism lodges and small privately-owned inns.
  • Meals: Good, honest food. Rancho Pitaya’s signature fresh salads and homemade baking will supplement local specialities to ensure tasty and varied meals. For most lunches the supply vehicle will meet riders for scrumptious tailgate feasts. As always there’ll be lots of fresh brewed Oaxaca coffee in the mornings and, artesan mezcal, cold bear and good wine as the sun gets low.
  • Price: $2,890. All inclusive: lodging based on double occupancy, meals, arrival and departure transfers, all ground transportation, admission fees to reserves.
  • $200 return rider discount
  • $200 early bird discount for full payment upon reserving
  •  Add $200 single supplement

    On the non ride day explore magical trails through an enchanted canyon.

    On the altiplano looking down to Apoala.