The Hacienda & Agave Trail

Old growth candelabra cacti festoon the landscape.

Ride south from the ranch hugging the foothills of the majestic Puerta del Sol cordillera. Traverse terrain rich in massive candelabra cacti. Ascend an ancient pass, pausing for sweeping vistas of the southern Ocotlan valley.  Explore the eastern corner of this enchanting and seldom-visited region packed with history and fascinating flora. This ride explores fertile valleys, crosses over mountain passes, criss-crosses streams and follows trails as old as the villages they lead to.

Learn about native agaves and taste the artisan mezcal they produce. Ride through the epicentre of the Oaxacan gold and silver rush of the early 20th century. Explore abandoned haciendas but also overnight in one lovingly restored.

Meander streams lined with wild cane.

Stay in a lovingly restored Hacienda

Huge lacy Tepexstate agaves of the southern valley

Explore trails ridden during the silver rush of the early 20th century.

The pace is moderate with opportunities to trot and canter yet balanced nicely with long stretches of true backcountry on single track trail. There is enough elevation change to keep the ride interesting but is centered around mid-altitude forests rich in candelabra  cacti, rare agaves, aromatic bursera and horned kapok trees.

Riding by a stand of Cuiche; a highlight of this ride is the wild native agaves.

Ride along the Rio San Antonio in the shade of ancient Bald Cypress

You’ll meet impressive sentinels along the way: massive bald-cypresses that line streams, old stone aqueducts, mezcal emerging from copper alambique stills and craftspeople painting one of a kind bottles for artisan mezcal and jars for native honey.

This ride ends in the Valley of Ejutla where the old mail trail crosses the noble Rio Atoyac. Horses and riders enjoy a relaxing drive north to the ranch on the late afternoon of day 7. Overnight at Rancho Pitaya.

Enjoy a relaxing lunch and explore the abandoned hacienda of Yaxe.




This ride is available year round. 


Upcoming Ride Calendar

December 5-12 2018 / February 24 – March 3 2019

8 days / 7 nights / 5 full day rides / 2 half day rides

Limited to 5 riders $2,540 U.S. per person. Min. of 2 riders

Inquire about alternative arrival dates.

Private rides for parties of 2 available with $200 per person surcharge . No extra charge for groups of 3 to 6

Note: add before or after this ride extra days of riding out from Rancho Pitaya with lodging and meals in double occupancy: $260 per person / $340 in single occupancy.

Ride Cancellation Policy Política de Cancelación

$200 single occupancy supplement

DISCOUNT: Returning riders pay $100 U.S. less


Horses: Ride fit, steady horses that love their job!


  • Riding: Approx. 30 hours of riding. 
This is a medium paced ride.  Distance of approx 35 kms.(23 miles ) are covered on most days.
  • Guides: The ranch owners, fluent in English & Spanish, personally guide.
  • Lodging: 7 nights accommodation.
  • Food: All meals and drinks.
  • Transfers: Arrival & departure from the ranch to airport or city hotel.
  • Horses: Arabian, Arabian crosses & Mexican Criollo horses
  • Tack: Mostly comfortable endurance saddles and some English
  • Weight Limit: 220 lbs./ 100 kilos.
  • Not included: Massages, taxis for additional excursions and delayed flight arrival.
  • Notes: Feel free to inquire about alternative dates that suit your travel time.