Cannel is a forward, sure-footed trekking horse very comfortable to ride.

Canelo first arrived at Rancho Pitaya in the back of a pick-up truck to plow the corn fields in July 2017. His then owner, took a shining to Chocolate stallion who had told me he’d had enough of the horse trekking days. A trade was struck and Canelo came to the ranch and Chocolate went to live ( and do some breeding ) in a nearby village.

Canelo has been nothing but pleasant surprises. He is confident, intrepid, sure-footed and very forward making him a dream of a mount for a reasonably experienced rider. His forwardness can be interpreted by a notice rider as a horse about to run away but that’s not Canelo at all.

He is in his prime and I look forward to Canelo exploring Oaxaca on our longer point-to-point rides.

The flies really bother Canelo. He can see just fine with the mask on.

On his first overnight ride. Splashing happily through the Rio San Antonio.



Canelo, a Criollo breed, born and raised in the valley is a very versatile horse. Here plowing the corn fields at the ranch.