Riding Instruction at Rancho Pitaya

Our classes combine safety and adventure

Instruction at Rancho Pitaya

Our new horse ranch, riding school and guesthouse is located just 20 minutes from the city of Oaxaca in the village of Rojas de Cuauhtémoc. We offer both intensive residential programs or regular classes for students residing in the area.

Gabriel with Tila at 5 months. She loves to be loved.

The horses at Rancho Pitaya have a reputation for being cheerful, willing, well-socialized and intelligent. All of our instruction integrates understanding the way the horse perceives the world, other horses and humans, an essential key to successful partnership with equines.

Riding Classes

These classes are perfect for novices to horse riding. Within our riding arena at Rancho Pitaya students focus on principals of good equitation which include: balance, body movement and the horse, developing a good seat and soft hands. Progressing from walk to trot to canter are sequentially taught. Private classes to small groups. Appropriate for all ages. We have gentle well-trained horses for novices.

Riding classes include work with balance bareback

Instructional Trail Riding

One of the great joys of riding a horse is going out on trail rides and the philosophy  at Horseback Mexico is about getting novice riders out on trails as soon as the basic riding skills have been acquired. Riding a horse on uneven footing, up and down hills and around curves teaches the rider to adjust their body position with the terrain. Riding on narrow trails quickly teaches the novice the importance of properly steering the horse. And best of all trial riding is fun and the countryside is interesting.

Endurance Riding Clinics

Mary Jane and Gabriel are both FEI qualified endurance rides, having completed numerous 80 km. and 120 km. rides other in Mexico and the U.S.

Endurance riding is much like a marathon on horseback with periodic vet checks during the 25 to 75 mile, one day ride. These riding clinics address the important themes of conditioning a horse for competition, pacing during the ride, diet and nutrition of the endurance horse and proper saddle fitting and tack.

Instruction includes learning all aspects of horsemanship: riding, groundwork, handling and nutrition.

Individualized equine therapy classes have proven benefits for the developmentally challenged person

Equine Therapy

Mary Jane is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health therapist and brings valuable aspects of these practices to her equine therapy instruction. Equine therapy can be simply defined as the beneficial action contact with horses has on human beings. This can be as subtle as building self-esteem & stress management to a mind, body & spirit therapy for developmentally challenged children and adults. Both the miniature horses and the large horses are valuable assets to these sessions.

For current therapy sessions in Oaxaca contact: https://m.facebook.com/FOEquinoterapia/



Customized residential programs at Rancho Pitaya, equestrian facility and rural guesthouse, can be arranged with daily riding sessions focused on any of the above instruction.

For more info contact Mary Jane